clinic1Welcome to the List Building Clinic!

My name is Jason Drohn, your host and creator of Scriptly, and in the next 4 weeks, we’re going to walk through the entire process to setting up and scaling your list building campaigns, no matter what niche you’re in.

In this course, we’re assuming nothing.  If you’ve got a couple list building campaigns going, and they’re working well – that’s awesome!  If not, that’s ok too.

We’re going to break list building down into it’s fundamental building blocks and build everything back up so that by the end of 4 weeks, if you follow along and go through all the tutorials, you’ll have a fully functional campaign up and running.

With that being said, there are going to be things that we talk about here that you might already know.  That’s ok.  Treat it as a refresher.  Most likely, I might do things a little bit differently than you’re used to, which is the point of learning!

As we go through the material, please ask questions in the comment box…  I’ll do my best to help out there, and our conversations will be there for future members who go through the training as well!

Now, before we get started, I want to cover one thing…  The guiding principle I’ve adopted in my business, and I highly suggest you do the same.

That principle?

To simplify.

Simplify Everything

simplify-poster-fbEverything in your business should be simple.

If a new prospect is asked to jump through hoops before they purchase, it’s going to hurt your sales and leads.  If a process can be shortened from 4 steps to 2 steps, then shorten it.

After marketing for almost 10 years, I’ve learned that the simple things are always the ones that make the most money.

If a process is convoluted and has tons of unnecessary steps, it’ll bomb.

So, make sure that you’re putting together processes in your business that are easy – simplistic even.

That’s how this course will be delivered…  Simply.  Step-by-step.  It’s done that way for a reason.

I’ve taught this stuff tons of times, in many different ways.  The format that’s seemed to produce the greatest number of successful campaigns?  A 4-week, text based course.

With that, let’s get started.

Your #1 Priority As A Marketer


The idea behind list building is pretty simple.  You give away something of value that’ll help your prospects, and they give you their email address.

Then, as they grow to like and trust you, there is a certain number of prospects who will turn into paying customers, buying something that you have for sale or you’re promoting as an affiliate.

Let’s say you get 100 people who sign up to your list.  92 of those 100 people probably won’t ever buy anything from you.  Maybe they’re not all that interested.  Maybe they’re broke.  Maybe they don’t like to put their credit card info into a web form…

There are lots of reasons why someone won’t buy.  Our job, as email marketers isn’t to concentrate on the non-buyers though.

Our job is to find the buyers.

If 92 out of 100 won’t ever buy…  That means that 8 do!

Those 8 people will buy a lot, so it’s important to keep mailing to them.  That’s why Scriptly does what it does – generate email autoresponders for you…

Behind Every Email Address…


Behind every single email address in your database is a human being.  A real, live person reading your email, clicking your links, and either growing closer to you or further away.

It’s easy to concentrate on the numbers and say that you have 34,000 people on your email address.  What that means is that 34,000 people, at some point in time, gave your permission to send them email.

That invitation should not be abused.

When mailing your list, you should be genuinely interested in helping them with whatever they need help with – and the offers and content that you send them should further them in their mission.

If it doesn’t, then you’ll burn out your list pretty quick!

As we go through this course, we’ll talk more in depth about list management but know that it’s important to think of every email address on your list as a person…

To Build An Email List


There are 4 things you need to build and profit from an email list, and each of these topics will be covered week by week, starting from the ground up.

1: Lead Magnets

Starting tomorrow, we’re focusing 100% on creating Lead Magnets that drive conversions.  Most people think that you start with a landing page or email marketing software…

That’s not the case.

Setting up your landing page and your email autoresponder is relatively easy compared to penning a 10 page document worthy of giving away to your new prospects.

Plus, from a strategic standpoint, it’s the most important part of your sales process!

In the next few days, we’ll go through a few scenarios of creating and giving away lead magnets, including how you can use them to boost sales immediately after someone downloads it.

2: Landing Pages

Next week, we’ll be building landing pages that convert cold traffic to warm leads.  We’ll be looking at a variety of ways to build these landing pages, including list building plugins and tutorials on LeadPages, OptimizePress and Clickfunnels.

Your landing page is where you convey the benefits of your lead magnet to your prospects…

In other words, your landing page will answer the biggest question on your prospects minds, “Why should I sign up?”

A well-crafted landing page will convert anywhere between 30% and 60% of your total traffic from an ordinary browser to a qualified email lead.

And once they put their email address in the optin box, your email marketing software will kick in!

3: Email Marketing Software (with Autoresponders)

During the third week, we’ll be talking about email marketing software, setting up your autoresponder messages and we’ll dig into affiliate training.

Your email marketing platform is the glue that holds this all together.

You can send broadcast messages.  You can configure your autoresponder to send out an email every day promoting your products or services.

You can even arrange your buyer and affiliate lists separately, so you know exactly who you’re mailing to!

Not to mention, your email marketing platform is what houses your email list and makes sure your email messages are CAN-SPAM compliant.

4: Traffic

The last week will be all about getting traffic to your landing pages.  We’ll cover Facebook in depth as it’s easy to set up, instant and cheap on a per click basis.  Plus, it’s very scalable.  If you can get 5 leads a day, you can get 500 leads a day once you prove out your campaign!

We can do all the work we want on the lead magnet, landing pages and the autoresponders…  But if no one is coming to our landing page to optin, we’re not going to get any leads!

Get Ready!

Get ready for a roller coaster ride.

One month from now, you’ll have your email marketing campaign set up.  You’ll have leads opting in to your email lists.  And, you’ll be selling more products and services, to a brand new channel of prospects!

Take this moment in.  Relish it.  Your business will be dramatically different in 4 weeks and you won’t ever have to go back to looking for your next sale again!

See you tomorrow,

— Jason