The next page you must have set up is a “Thank You” page…This is the page that your new leads are sent to right after they optin.In most cases, whatever your visitors opt-in for on the lander, will be delivered on the Thank You page.

Here, you can do a number of things:

  • You can post surveys or questionnaires for your audience to fill out, with a message that their download is in their email.
  • You can deliver the video or content that they signed up for, which ultimately asks for a sale.
  • You can tell them that their download is in their inbox, and proceed on to the next part of the sales process.

And really, the Thank You page is important for two reasons…

  1. To make good on the promise of content, training, worksheets, software or whatever else you intended on giving them, and…
  2. The post a ‘conversion pixel’ from Facebook, which tells you who converted to a lead!

… That part is next…